Friday, July 06, 2007

What's a meme mammy?

We've been Meme'd.

And no this time it's not the start another one of Midge's posts :)

Shanachie, who's the one doing the Meme-ing (is that the term?) explains all on his blog while also providing us with some illuminating facts about himself!

1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.

2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.

3. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names.

4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Here it goes

1. This is really weird, the hairs that grow above the second knuckle down of your hands I hate them and spend a long time plucking the little blighters. I dont know why this is but you will not find any hairs there.

2. I should open a record store, I have over 2000 cds now in my posession ranging from death metal to classical music, the majority of them are now stored away in the attic after I found mp3s to take up so little space

3. I pick my nose.

4. I love solpediene, this is sad but I do find them refreshing nowadays.

5. I am nearly 35 years old and I have never driven a car, and get this my father is a driving instructor.

6. I applied to go on Big Brother 2, I had permission from work, unfortunately this was before open auditions and you had to fill out an application form and send in a video of yourself. It was only when I got to the terms and conditions that the form said you had to be living in England. I am glad in many ways now that it did not happen.

7. I love gardening.

8. I cant handle my drink very well.

The last one will be good to know for the masked ball.

So that's it. Our group blog needs to provide 8 facts about the individuals here (as many as you like about yourself in the comments below - I'll marshal them all into an actual post after the weekend) and if we could each nominate one blog to be meme'd (someone who doesn't write here) that would be perfecto.

Sounds like a larf!


  1. Sounds far too complicated for a Friday fried brain set... ;)
    Best of luck yaalll

  2. BTW fellow seed gatherers, check out this place to see who has been nominated by myself so we dont get any duplication. Also the other good thing about this meme is it creates some traffic for the site so its in our interest to give it a go.

  3. This blogging is getting complicated! nominate Keynoter? This is a bit like kiss chase?

  4. Grand at getting started on the nominations but what about our 8 random facts/habits? Am I going to have to get us started as usual? :)

  5. ok, I love beetroot
    I hate Mayo
    I worked in La Croisantarie(?) for 1 day...couldn't handle the smell of the cheese!
    I'd like to live in a musical (Calamity Jane or High Society)
    I studied theology and Bible studies in TCD
    I drink too much wine
    I love giving oral sex
    I don't like recieving it
    (there had to be some sex in there)

  6. fair dos, MW I knew I could rely on you to give it a go.

  7. Alright, but I'm not taggin' anyone.

    1. Today I ate a Loop the Loop, 1 11/2 delicious homemade chocolate muffins and an eclair and near enough to half a pint of Phish Food. And didn't really feel sick. Hmm.. Draw your own conclusions.

    2. following on this theme, when I was one and a half, I ate 14 bananas, and was found prostrate, surrounded by banana peel, groaning, under the dining table.

    3. I have two Jack Russells but at this stage they're just a pain in the ass. Want one?

    4. I have only kissed one man for the past 14 years and sometimes it breaks my heart to think I'll never experience a first kiss again.

    5. My writing is messy and often illegible. I suspect I'm dyspraxic (that's two, really, isn't it?)

    6. I used to lose things chronically in my teens - if I recouped all the money I've lost in my life - wallets, jewellery etc I'd be much wealthier!

    7. The only sport I'm good at is swimming.

    8. I really want to learn to play the cello but I've never had the nerve.

  8. This is fun! I like the idea of finding out things about each other we didn't know!

  9. Thanks to Jo and Midge for their sterling work, where's everyone else? Definitely not all at Oxegen.

    I've written a collective meme for the blog and have been told that I have to write one for myself as I don't give enough of myself here!

    Let's get part one out of the way.

    The 4nine£ meme:

    1 In our collective there are catholics, protestants and even a token Jew! We also have gay, bi and straight writers. All we're missing now is a muslim lesbian and an asexual buddhist. Anyone know any?

    2 One of us was once licked up and down by a female tv3 newsreader while wearing a dress made only of chocolate wrappers.

    3 Everyone who writes here has been invited by an existing writer. If you wanted to you could draw a family tree for us all.

    4 Among us are single people, marrieds, people who are seperated, divorced and even a single mum.

    5 We have 17 contributors - 9 girls and 8 boys and no, I'm not telling you who's what!

    6 Midge has snogged 3 of our number that we know of.

    7 Among us are people in retail, admin, audio production, media, civil servants, stay at home mums, construction, IT, senior management and recruitment

    8 The lima bean harvest begins on August 28th

  10. Ok, let's give this a go...

    1. Feet freak me out.

    2. I have a certain ritual I have to every night in bed before I can get to sleep. First I must lie on my left side, then on my back, then finally on my right side. Only when I've completed this can I sleep.

    3. I once bought a 2 Unlimited album, and got it signed as well...

    4. I once painted my bedroom purple and yellow.

    5. My favourite movies are The Man With 2 Brains, Garden State, and Lost in Translation.

    6. I only went to a dentist for the first time aged 26.

    7. The car I would most like to own is a Trans Am, just like the one that Burt Reynolds drives in Smokey and the Bandit.

    8. I love assembling flatpack furniture.

  11. Hope I'm not too late!!

    1. I have different personalities at home and work. In work I am an organisational freak and get stressed and annoyed when things are not perfect. At home I couldn't give a fuck.
    2. I hate tomatoes and peppers. Love tomato sauce, bolognese sauce and the flavour of peppers in food once I cant see the actual pepper. It was the same for mushrooms but I am getting better with them.
    3. I have strange sleeping habits. I sleep on my back either with my hands behind my head or straight by my side. Apparently I point at things, sit up, talk and raise parts of my body for no apparent reason for minutes on end while I am asleep.
    4. I fantasize about being able to stop time except for me and be able to do all sorts of things, like steal cars, sleep for 4 days straight, move people around so they go insane when I start time again and generally just have a laugh. Also that I can touch people and start them up again so I wont be too bored.
    5. I love to love but probably do so too easily. Oh and I love porn.
    6. I bite my nails, and even like the stuff that is meant to make you stop.
    7. I get really nervous driving somewhere I have never been before
    8. I love eating candle wax.