Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I'm torturing myself again. I'm on another diet. Which means I'm snappy moody and miserable. Why? because society deems me not normal. I can only shop in large size stores with big prints and floaty designs that not only make you look much bigger but make you look like your having twins. But its no one fault except my own see I love food I love eating it, making it ,and shopping for it. I know I comfort eat to make up for the lack of male company. Which in its self is a whole other story. But I cant help it. Today I had cardboard for breakfast. I will have Salad for Lunch and dry chicken and rice for Dinner. All I can think of is chocolate and cakes and its always the same when I'm on a diet. You want what you can't have. I don't eat sweets very often my problem is portion size and when to stop eating, and I also bake to much. I have a thread mill in my bedroom that makes an excellent clothes horse and it taunts me every day for not using it. I just cant face it after a day of work dealing with my child and wearing every other hat you do as a single parent. I have also tried slimming pills and shakes. An egg an orange diet don't ask. An all you can eat soup diet and Atkins which only gave me head aches. So I'm on a down hill spiral of denying myself the only luxury I have in my life for the next week or so till I get so depressed I eat two large bars of chocolate and enough bread to feed an army. Then the lectures from my Mam will start. Which are bad so I want to avoid them at all costs. This time I'm not telling her I'm on a diet, as the constant nagging makes me want scream. So I'm starting a fresh tomorrow no more cardboard or diet food just healthy fruit and veg and cut portions in half. No more sugary drinks or alco pops for a while just cut out the crap. No more cakes or eclairs I'm putting my foot down. I have to do it. If I ever have any hope of meeting someone then I have to try. Thou I do believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder and weight shouldn't matter. ( I'll save that rant for another post) If your slim and can eat what you like spare a thought for those of us who only eat a square of chocolate and put on two pounds. I'm not jealous I just have no will power. I was slim once at 18 didn't last long once I started to work late and eat kebabs. So wish me luck. Im on a mission.


  1. Whatever makes you happy Penny, isn't that what's important, so if you want to slim then slim, if you want to be big then be big. Happiness is the biggest aphrodisiac (sorry can't spell for peanuts) in my opinion! And if some numbskull of a guy doesn't want you for who you are then he's not really worth it! Good luck, btw you aren't dieting just eating healthily!

  2. yes just eating healthy! I'm inventing a new food group forget the carbs proteins dairy fats and sugars.Its called feel good food and we should be eating at least 3 portions a day. The thing that gets me most about diets is the calorie counting and reading labels so Im not doing it this time. And as for my friend the thread mill we are getting to know each other again. Thou hes no substatute for a man. But he does give me the run around just like most men. I'm hatching a plan for a singles night what do you think?

  3. I'm with Midge on this one for a couple of reasons Pen - there's nothing more attractive than positivity and no bigger turn off than negativity, regardless of size.

    If you want to get a bit healthier then grand and you sound like you're going the right way about it. I've found over the years that a bit of exercise, portion size and knowing when to stop is the thing. Cutting out fizzy drinks completely really helped (worth a stone in my case).

    Also ended up trying a herbal anti-depressant from the health food store that worked spectacularly last year. Turns out it's also an appetite suppresssant. Lost nearly two stone since.

  4. Hi there hope you see this comment because when more posts go up obviously yours moves down. Anyway want to wish you luck on your healthy eating buzz (am TRYING myself also) just when you mentioned eclairs .... I really dont like them BUT Weight Watchers do amazing ones Dunnes do them in the ice cream section. they are fab and low fat. Also Bud light is my new friend (Bulmers Light also supposed to be v low). am trying so if I think of any new tips will pass them on and vice versa?

  5. Yeah cheers PIP thanks for the support. Good luck with your own plight!