Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It is a wise man who said......

that there is no greater inequality than the equal treatment of unequals - (Felix Frankfurter 1882-1965)

I'm having one of those all too frequent guilty evenings. I've got a mountain of work to do for my regular job, two freelance projects landed on my desk after getting the green light today, another needs proofing plus I'm yet to even contemplate reading a mate of mine's thesis before he submits it. Effectively I've far too much work to do for me to be sitting blogging or as I've spent the afternoon doing, consuming every form of media known to man, sometimes as many as three at the same time.

The result - a number of observations on this little socio-economic fabric we call humanity...

Super Mario

Should Nintendo take a case out against Ron Jeremy for breach of copyright on their trademark character's likeness?

The Sopranos

Watching RTÉ this evening. Nice promo for the last episode of the last series. Do they still believe, or is it still possible that no fan in the free world has managed not to hear or search for what happens in the end? Same way would any fans of Harry Potter not be tempted to click on the link at the bottom of this post (don't say I didn't warn you) where some guy claims to have the spoiler for the new book.....

The Restaurant

When will they finally realise that they've run out of celebs? If it was a race horse you'd have put it down just after George Hook and Brent Pope double teamed the badboy. Plus who in the name of Jaysus ever decided to combine roasted pears with Cashel blue cheese as a starter?

Google Images

Is there anything you can't find on Google Images? Mate of mine landed on her arse at a gig over the weekend. Was thinking how funny it would be to search for "bruised arse" earlier and send her the image. Left asking two questions (a) who would put a pic of their reddened hole on the Net? And (b) is this more of a birth mark than a bruise?

Is This An Ecumenical Issue?

If I blaspheme by using the word Jaysus in a post but use Jaysus rather than Jesus have I committed a double sin? If so and a double negative is a positive then is a double blaspheme a worship?

Harry Potter & The Biology Grinds Of Intrigue

Harry Potter Spoiler......is not here but .....

A second warning after advice from Someone Living that Milan Adenauer's head might implode.

.....is here


  1. I finally gave into temptation and checked out the spoiler. IF it's true, not hugely surprised... Pretty crap ending to the book though!

  2. great post there now i must say, except the bruised arse bit