Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I had an idea for a blog post last night - I was pleased with myself, it was a nice one.

Can I remember it this morning? NO! But I can remember that I've forgotten, which seems gratuitous, why not just forget the lot.

My husband once dreamed he'd found the Lost Beatle Song - but it was gone when he woke up. My favourite story is of a man who woke from a dream of nailing his boss with the most fantastic argument during a heated debate. He woke up and scribbled it down, convinced of its brilliance. In the morning he woke up and couldn't wait to see what it was - and on the piece of paper was scribbled:


Clearly we're not as brilliant in our dreams as we think.

Still, I should have written down my little idea nonetheless...


  1. Husband dreamt about the end of the world once!

  2. Have kept a notebook handy for such things for years Jo. It came, as yours did, from a few ideas I thought would be great for work that were completely gone in the morning!

    Last night was a bit weird. I don't normally dream at all (almost never) but I was in a totalitarian modern French state hiding from the authorities behind a sofa. My kids ratted me out.

  3. When I worked I had a notebook handy for all such occasions. Now I keep the notebok in my bag but with running around all day I never get to write anything in it. I have a head like a sive(sp?) that's why I need to write lists all the time!