Monday, July 09, 2007


I love google, you need something - use google, you need information - search google, you need to see where you are going - use google maps, you want to see the world - use google earth.

The whole google thing is amazing.

But they are trying to take over the world.

You want to blog - use blogger (owned by google)

you want to put up videos on the web - use youtube (owned by google)

you want people to subscribe to your blog - use feedreader (recently acquired by google)

and the list goes on and on and on.

These companies are being sucked up by Google for astronomical figures and to be honest in the majority of cases, made better by Google.

So to any Google employee out there I have a proposition,

I Shanachie, am willing to sell my computer at home. It is a hp pavillion amd 64 1 gig ram blah blah harddrive etc. But heres the bit you want to see I have over 20000 images from Ireland on it, ok some of them may have my daughters face in them or they are out of focus, but your technology should be able to extract them, and I am willing to part with my beloved PC for an absolute bargain 20 million euro. I will even throw in my user name and password for the forninepounds blog so you blog away aswell.

Please googler contact me through this blog in a comment.


  1. Hey shen

    Being a close friend of "Google", they rang me and asked me tell you to feck off. They will only pay out minimum of 60million sterling.

    Sorry about that.

    xx oo

  2. Have had my suspicions about our evil masters for a while now Shan - nice to know I'm not the only one. Why offer unlimited mailboxes so you need never delete a message again unless the database of messages is in some way valuable?

    Call me cynical but, come the takeover, you'll be able to say I was right. On your Ggovernment appointed mail accounts, of course.

  3. At this stage I have 2 emails that I use regularly & about 20 that were just created for me by any random site that I log onto. I hate that. I posted 2 videos from my holidays onto you-tube and later had random people emailing me and subscribing to my videos. They weren't that exciting.