Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Love yourself!

With all the talk about my blog being or not being about sex I have a question that you may or may not be able to answer. There are loads of euphemisms for male masturbation but I know of very few for women! One of my commenter's referred to frigging recently, that makes my blood run cold.
So any suggestions?
Don't judge me, my last post was about mothers!


  1. I answered you earlier, you're just going to have to go find it there....

  2. Girl I worked with used to refer to tickling her tonsil....

    I feel very dirty all of a sudden

  3. Good question, indeed. WE only ever refer to having a fiddle - there's too much baby talk inm y house for our own good.

    The lack of existing euphamisms is the perfect illustration of how taboo female masturbation is.

    Wasn't that where Smack the Pny got their name from? It's not very apt though.

  4. Milan, I found it, plaesuring oneself....very jane Austin!
    Tiberius, that's classic, I had my tonsils removed when i was eight!
    Jo, that's it though all the nick names just don't work!

  5. When in doubt... According to h2g2 at the BBC:

    Common euphemisms for female masturbation include frigging, fingering, diddling, jilling off, petting the kitty, flicking the bean, rolling the trackball, tickling the tulips, and unbuttoning the fur coat.

    "Hello sweetness, where have you been?"

    "Why I spent the last half hour rolling the trackball darling"

    So now you know.

  6. I like petting the kitty!!!! he he I meant I liked the euphenism, not actually petting the kitty, but I do like that!! he he he!

  7. Flicking the bean had me in knots laughing in work.

  8. With such bizarre euphemisms it's no wonder men find womens bodies scary when they first get to play with one!

  9. I've also heard it being called "double clicking the mouse", or "paying a visit to the man in the boat"...