Thursday, July 05, 2007

Just a quick post on Bertie's latest attempt to contribute to Will Hanafin's mortgage by generating more material surely destined for inclusion in any second volume of De Little Book Of Bertie.

Reading about suicidegate in The Irish Examiner this morning. Does it show....

Complete ignorance to the reality of people taking their own lives and the impact on their loved ones.
The way the media will generate blue murder in the middle of silly season over something that might disappear under the radar at other times of the year
What happens when you vote a questionable inner city gouger into office?

Answers on a postcard please........


  1. I think the really stupid father Dougal look on his face afterwards said it all!

  2. I think (a), a little bit of (b) and a (c) combined with a rush of blood to the read as he was thinking about his summer holidays.