Monday, July 02, 2007

Me and my booze

Living in Ireland makes it quite legitimate to be a drinker.. some may call us alcoholics. – I don’t think so!!- just look at the weather! what you’ve got to do?? I agree in keeping fit and all the trimmings that come with it: the healthy food, low carb, detox, low GI, green tea, water , water , water and sweat… and what else is left? Booz- the best friend at low times and best buddy at great times, great company for boring times and and and substitution for reasonably good weather.
Now , after my ode to the booze here’s what happened on Friday. After work just needed to unwind, ended up in Harvey Nicks with colleagues. Had a polite dinner from their Pre Theatre menu accompanied with their lovely house white. (BTW: Good value for money: 2 course for €25 in HN not bad and the service is just right . If you go there skip the risotto - they haven’t got it right but the rest is good.) As we were leaving one of my friends bumped into the PR girl who hosted a party in the Espresso Bar and we were invited – they had vodka with pomegranate flowing and flowing… at this point the moods were up and the party ended so next we went to Dunne&Crescenzi for cheeseboard &wine.. still to early to go home and next step was Winters Pub two more voka&cramberies later decided to go home.. my frine Geri wanted crap food so I suggested to get it next door to my home. It was closed . I suggested she can wait for taxi indoors, invited her inn but I had no food in the house so I suggested salt, Grey Goose and lime!! Don’t ask me why?! …. What followed would give some of you great fantasy.. she ended up sleeping with me in my bed…. ( just winding you up!!)
Saturday- DEAD. POISONED. INVALID. CABBAGED. Cancelled all my meetings and my dear friends understood because at some stage they’ve cancelled for the same reason…
Sunday – Sleep, Gym, Green Tea, Water, Sweat + house work
Monday – Work + Gym, Green Tea, Water… back into the cycle.


  1. Friday night, skipped dinner...had rare chance to get out of the house....guinness till midnight, taxi, parma ham.....Saturday I enjoyed the guinness and parma ham a second time....never again!

  2. Saturday night out at gig. 7, 8, 9(?) whiskeys, Was fine the following day. Is that a good or a bad thing?

  3. I had late late night of wine and taxi-queuing in the rain Fri and was somewhere verging on cabbaged on Sat. But this was the first time that, with moderate amounts of alcohol, there was loooaads I can't remember. I can remember all the people I spoke to but not what we spoke of. Terrible.