Monday, July 02, 2007

Kiddy-Free Clothes

What is the one item of clothes you would never wear if you are to be within sneezing distance of a small child? White jeans. I spent an entired weekend in a pair! Yes we had a kiddy free weekend and did lots of things that you can't do with small kids and I savoured every minute of it by wearing white jeans, pretty shoes, silk tops; all the things you never do if you have to chase a 5 year old through a park or bake a cake with an eleven year old! Although I'm new to this stay at home lark I'm already appreciating getting away from them! We drove to the far side of the country just to see a play, went to Cork City Sports on a whim, went out to eat at 10pm and just did what we wanted!! Oh the simple things that give you pleasure! But 3 days out of a pair of white jeans (including a hen night and a 4am dash to the airport) has to be a record!


  1. Sounds great but I@m usually relieved to ahve a kid or two around I can blame the stains on - I'm so messy, I can't eat without splodging food onmyself. It's like some sort of syndrome - you name it I've beaned it!

    I suppose it's some sort of excuse for the fact that this arse will never (dis)grace a pair of white jeans anyway!

  2. Sounds so lovely ash! You'll totally appricate the time alone when you are a party of five! My favorite is a nice meal then back to the hotel room with a lovley bottle of wine!

  3. Hey Joe and MW! Thanks for comments. Back in the scruffs today with the kids in Marlay Park in the rain, we didn't last 2 minutes the rain was that bad. Muddy and wet, we went home. It's going be a long summer if this keeps up!