Monday, July 02, 2007

My first bus post

People who know me, know I dont drive and use the public transport system to get to and from work, also known as Dublin bus. I live at the far side of Bray, so the service is a bit shabby, and from town I have the choice of one bus to get of close to my home, the 145. All in all its a grand route although it does, like tonight get crowded with people who cant be bothered to wait for the next 8 in a row 46a's coming directly behind meaning people who rely on the 145 are left stranded waiting 20 to 30 mins for the next bus. The journey can take 1 hour 15 minutes which is long but I am used to it now. Today though I have decided to post from the 145 via my new phone. At last I have a reason to enjoy the bus. By the way I an upstairs at the front at whitescross now.


  1. How absolutely awesome. Great idea, Shanachie!

    P.S. At least another person sees the insane duplication of the 46A. :)

  2. A fellow bus traveller! It is a pain but buses do have some advantages...

    1) You don't have to worry about parking
    2) It allows you to catch up on your reading
    3) Um....

  3. 3) The final annual cost of using a bus is much less than the various expenses of a car?

  4. It's so so so much more relaxing! I used the luas whan I worked, and now at home with three kids I long for the peace of public transport! A car filled with noisy kids is not fun!!!

  5. I'm a big fan of moblogging! Hate the bus though. Used the bus on Sunday after running into town, they're usually smoking upstairs in it......not pleasant. (BTW I always ran or cycled into work, not a fan of traffic!!)

  6. Ah, the insane duplication of the 46a, except in evening rush hour when you spend an hour at the stop as 5 or 6 of them sail blissfully past you, full, as you wait in the rain.

    Always love the time bus and DART give me to read but wish the glorious LUAS went everywhere.

  7. 4) good for the carbon foot print.

    -1) bad traffic
    -2) crap for meeting randomers in the morning when you want to stab them for daring to talk to you.

    I now drive because it's 30/60 mins quicker than getting the bus from northside.