Monday, July 02, 2007

The Incredible Thumb (you wouldn't like it when it's angry)

I took this picture when I was in the toilet in the pub the other night under one of those lights designed to stop the more... opiate addicted amongst us from indulging in their favourite habit in the privacy of the local's facilities.

There's something in my thumb.

It wouldn't wash off.

Maybe I've been bitten by something radioactive and superpowers can be only a brief, life threatening, face gurning interlude away?


  1. Oh that's spooky. Maybe you were abducted by aliens and that's a chip they left in you designed to soak up all your wit and intelligence.....think it's working.....LOL.....

  2. Ooh that was my attempt at being cheeky! ;-)

    But it must be true just look at the next post!

  3. There is no conspiracy going on here. Move along.

  4. Is that what caused the big bang in Lusk??

  5. Why had you got a camera in a toilet??????

  6. Em, er, ah, I always carry one with me in case my thumbb starts to glow bright green and I need to blog about it on the internet?

    Yes. That'll do.

    Did I type that out loud?


  7. looks more like laundry soap under black light...

  8. Laundry soap...he wouldn't know what that looked like!

  9. Hee. Funny.

    I have a pencil lead in my leg from the time I was leaning on my leprechaun pencil topper, my tooth slipped off it, plunging the just sharpened point into my leg. And not just sharpened, but sharpened to a deadly degree. Just for the crack, to see how far I could go without breaking it.

    Do you think it's on our thumb or in your thumb? An important distinction1

  10. I know a guy who's got a piece of metal in his chest from when he worked on a building site one summer, and the hammer he was using exploded.
    He shows it off by attaching a magnet to it.
    Maybe you should try it.