Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A new way to view - part 2

I love Heroes; as with Die Hard, it's a power thing (see meme). Anyway, further to Mr. Pink's previous posting (like the alliteration SL?) of how you view TV series these days, I'd like to share my Heroes experience.

Last Oct-ish my brother introduced me to Heroes and I watched episodes 2 & 3 on his mobile phone & then 4 on his computer. Later he got pirated DVD copies of episodes 5 & 6 in a market in Balbriggan so I watched them on DVD. Then another friend started downloading them & I got up to episode 15 from him (I don't download myself after several virus attacks last year downloading Lost). Then after that I discovered dailymotion & & watched the rest on Tuesday evenings on stream after the US Monday airing. I hope to get the boxset when it comes out in Region 2 down the line. A truly multi-media TV series experience you must admit.


  1. I love heroes and the guy who plays peter petrelli (?) is in Fergi's new video...yumm

  2. Isn't this the way everyone's watching tv these days? I have a mate who watches full series of US shows before they come out here. Absolutely LOVE Heroes. It seems to be getting better and better.

    Does it remind anyone else of the Watchmen comis book series?

    Am I the only one here ever to have read it?


  3. i love heroes, i cant wait till my freinds catch up on how flippin deadly it is!

  4. Heroes 21 tonight! Something to live for!