Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sexual Revolution!

Watched the DVD Shortbus last night, I'm so not a movie person but it was made by the guy who made Hedwig and the Angry inch.... one of my favorite films of all time! My friend Mr Pink suggested that I check it out, (I don't think he knows I own Hedwig on Dvd and it's one of those watch again movies), so we watched it , my hubby and I.

Pinky had told me it was full on sex, and it was kinda no holds barred (if you'll pardon the pun), the opening credits alternate between a couple having amazing orgasmic (apparently) sex, a guy preforming oral sex on himself and a dominatrix and her client! The film is about one woman's quest to have an orgasm (btw she's a sex therapist), which leads her to an alternative club, the Shortbus, where there is music, performance, sex and friendship.

The most shocking part of this is obviously supposed to be shots of the Orgy room, men and men, men and women, women and's all there, and portrayed in a non titillating manner. I found the film moving and interesting and it raised a few questions for me. These are quite personally revealing questions, so if you know me, and you don't want to know what goes on in my bed or in my mind then read another post before it's too late.

I loved the film, I loved the approach to sexuality as a wonderful precious thing but also a game, when we are kids we play role play, dressing up, imagination etc...the only place that survives in adulthood is in our sexuality. In my case I love a bit of make believe in my bedroom, talking dirty, dressing up, porn or a bit of bondage, it's fun and as grown-ups it's about the only time we get to have any.

Then there was the issue of sexual preferences raised in the film, the whole hetero/homo debate, personally I think anyone can be attracted to anyone, in some people maybe they could never be attracted to someone of the same sex but are attracted to friendships with people others of us are attracted to people because of them, not their set up below the waist. Shock horror...are you scrolling down the page in disgust :-) I've been with my hubby for a decade and a half, but I've experienced my fair share of flirtations with people of both sexes!

I suppose i see sex as a wonderful gift, other mammals only use sex for procreation, we are the only species who view it as recreation, I love it, and all it's variations, to me it's a wonderful gift we've been given, we can make lovely little babies with it....but face it how often does that happen? Or we can have mind blowing experiences that open our horizons to new ways of living.

You guy's now are thinking I'm crazy, but i am honestly happy with being sexually open, it makes life so much more enjoyable, and being open about my sexuality and all that entails has made me a more open and easier (ooh missus) going person.

Sex is an amazing part of life, it's such a wonderful sensation, connecting to other people, even in mass numbers as in an orgy, why do we debase it, make it dirty, it's a beautiful thing, I think a wonderful expression of what it is to be human.

Rent the movie, watch it, tell me what you feel.


  1. Saw Shortbus and really liked it. Don't see how people could find the sex titilating as there's so little of it really (even if what's there is real and unsimulated). Not a patch on Hedwig And The Angry Inch but few things are.

  2. might watch hedwig again, just to make me feel better!