Saturday, July 21, 2007

The token Harry Potter rant

My name is SL and I like Harry Potter. Well, I used to if you're looking for honesty. I came late to the series (after the first three were out) but I bought all of the last 4 at midnight openings such was my interest. The first 4 were great, I think 5 dropped the ball, 6 was a bit better and we'll see about 7.

Mates know about this (and tolerate it in a fully grown adult), Milan is even one of us (worse than me - she's a total freak! Hee) but since this morning I've had no less than 4 friends text me asking me have I finished it yet. I was polite with the first three but the poor fourth (Conformist if you must ask), being a close friend of many years , got the mock text that had been brewing all day.

See sometimes I think even my closest friends forget that I'm a parent. While it might be the easiest of things (and the sort of thing I would have done before I had kids) to take the whole weekend out to read a book I've been waiting for for a long time, when you have kids your time is never your own.

When I came in last night I managed a chapter and a half before my eyes sealed themselves shut with the tiredness (it had been a long day in work) and since then? Nothing. Nada. Zip. I'll be lucky if I have it finished in a month. In fact I haven't had a moment to myself all day til just now to do this, throw up a few comments and then the rest of the night will be for the book.

In fact over the whole of this weekend chances are I might get an hour tonight, a couple tomorrow night and that will be all my (or my wife's) free time for the whole weekend.

I know my mates don't really know what the day to day life of a parent is like (and particularly that it's far, far busier at the weekend than during the week for a daddy anyway) but sometimes you get the feeling they don't understand it to the point where the reality of your everyday life is as alien to them as that of The Pope.

This isn't a rant against my mates by any means - they keep me just the right side of sane some of the time. Just an observation that's been repeated over the years again and again.

Off to the book.


  1. I totally understand where you are coming from, my non mother friends who i adore just don't get the fact that I have me, and three other people to take care of! I have no idea how snow white coped with 7 little men to mind! But you know what makes us special? we treasure those moments just for us....They waste time, we never do! we know how valuable it is!

  2. I've managed 111 pages at this point which is extraordinary for me!

  3. Actually that was even before I got yours! :)

  4. Am I getting a smack later on in the week then??

  5. This post has just summed up why I never want to have kids. I'm going to print it off, frame it and hang it up somewhere I will see it every day, lest I ever forget and start to get broody in my old age. Thanks!