Tuesday, July 03, 2007

So nearly a month in...

Wow how this blog has taken off, there are so many posts a day that I am actually finding its getting hard to keep up. There are 17 writers now, with more to come!
So I have a few questions to ask:

1. How many contributers are expected or should there be a limit to avoid absolute mayhem.

2. Should the rules change to no more then one post a day so peoples posts dont disappear of the radar too quickly.

3. Is there an option in Blogger to show more entries on the main page.

4. When are we all going to meet up for our first months piss up courtesy of SL.

This blog is really starting to take off now and there is even traffic incoming, thats why I feel the piss up is an essential question to get answered.


Not sure this was such a good post, I am putting it down to not sleeping well the past 2 nights. I am actually thinking of making this the first post to last a day by deleting it, let me know what you think of that, its so much more interesting then the other shit I wrote about.


  1. 1. Not sure. Never really thought this many people would ever want to get involved! There's only really one more due for the moment anyway. I don't want to limit it really as some of the newbies have never written anywhere before and that's the real thrill for me.

    And anyway if we limit writers then who will toil in my lima bean fields come harvest time?

    I think people are going to drop off anyway over time so it will find a level.

    2. God I hate rules ;)

    3. There is. I have it set to 7 days before posts are archived at the moment so maybe I should up that to 10 to make stuff last a bit longer?

    4. All in hand. 2 of our number are in the US for a few weeks so maybe after they get home? Everyone seems to be up for it so closer to the time we'll sort it out. Let's keep the mystery for a little while longer?

    And yes Shan, the piss up is by far the most essential question!

  2. See Shan? You jinxed us. Only 2 posts today!

  3. Jesus I may have to delete this post.

  4. Yay booze up, can't wait - but we can still remain anonymous and not reveal our blog IDs.

  5. Cool Shan, you see? You mentioned the possibility this was jinxing us and the spell was broken.