Tuesday, July 03, 2007

This warrants a full posting..

In response to an earlier comment by our Overlord, why is our cyber-universe called For Nine Pounds????

I think us minions have a right to revel in our heritage.

Btw, has anyone noticed that if you write a pound sign these days 9 times out of 10 you'll write 2 horizontal marks on the pound sign instead of the correct 1 horizontal mark, with being used to the 2 marks in the euro. It's a good trick to play.


  1. Yes, Milan Adenauer I am very curios about our cyberuniverse name... furthermore where does your name come from?

  2. This was one question I hit SL with when I met him last, but I assumed since you are all best buddies with our leader you would have known about it before now. I do agree though he should write up a post on it. Get on the case SL.

  3. Consider it done then little universerinos! To follow this evening.

  4. Frank, my name is a composite of my two favourite ever names to say - which differs from my favourite names to write - I was once infatuated with someone for 1 or 2 years because I liked the way I wrote this person's name.

  5. Thank you MA...it does sound v cool. this is a great space to create our identities...