Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sunshine State!

Just dropped by to let the Dubs know (hopefully this isn't in bad taste and your house hasn't been involved in the Stillorgan floods) that the sun has been splitting the stones in Wexford and I have a tan that would rival an umpa lumpa after 6 months in the desert! Seriously, we have been hitting the beach hard! Thank God for the sunny South East and it's own micro climate seperate from the rest of the world!

Oh so many posts to catch up on! If only I didn't need to sleep.....


  1. Another thing to ad to my "Things To Hold Against Culchies List"

    1.Excessively Milky Tea
    2.GAA fans in tweed caps
    3.Students blocking up the number 10 screaming "There's Fair City" when the bus passes RTE
    4.Hector, Louis Walsh, Dana.

    and now...

    5.Using up Ireland's quota of sun

  2. Oh my good, it looks are soo lucky, then again I only have a week and a bit until I go to the states....he he he:-}

  3. That photo isn't one of mine, it's just illustrating how lovely it was......