Tuesday, July 10, 2007

take me down to ASBO city

When I first moved into my house four years ago I had lots of 'security' issues. I was broken into, I had a window broken and my wheelie bin was stolen. Three times (wheelie bins are very flammable it seems). Oh - and my garden gate was stolen twice. Must've been a big halloween that year in Dodge.

More recently a group of kids has taken to hanging around outside the house. I face onto an apartment block and its a perfect haven for teenagers. As you'd imagine I was somewhat concerned about this at the start and was considering getting in all sorts of CCTV and infra red cameras. I know what kids can be like - when I was younger we made life hell for one near neighbour, culminating in the day we fired a shotgun through his window for a buzz. Was this to be karma biting me on the arse?

It seems that I was wrong. Two of the kids live in the apartment block and although they congregate most nights they and their mates seem fairly harmless. Noisy and somewhat irritating but harmless. I work late nights and often wouldn't be home till 3am so they've plenty of chances to act the mick if they want to. So far they haven't. They tend to bugger off after about half eleven most nights. They've been doing this for a few months now and nothing untoward has happened. I'm hoping that because they've marked their territory it'll prevent the more serious gougers getting together. The family that live in the apartment seem noisy but at least theres signs of life around the area most days.

The kids may be annoying little skangers, but they're MY annoying little skangers.


  1. they have to go somewhere, when I was a teenager we used to hang around my house, all we did was drink tea and eat pizza! I was lucky that my mum let us hang around there, she was the only working mother in our circle of friends!

  2. Leave them out that manky sofa of yours as a sacrifice to their god/clubhouse hang out furniture. Then you'll be their god.