Saturday, July 28, 2007

Totally agree!!!!

It just goes to show great minds think alike. I totally agree with you Midge. I too am FAT and proud. I love food cant help it and I wont change. My major problem is people judging "books by their covers". So I'm a big girl? Whats the problem? Well the problem is MEN. For the last number of years I have been single and sexless. And it's starting to grate on me. I go out do men see my personalty? my kindness? my intelligence? No they see a big girl. And they are put off. FOR GODS SAKE GIVE US A CHANCE!!!!!! To even open my mouth. Have any of you any idea what it is like to live with out any human contact? Any love? Any romance? Any pleasure? No I doubt it. But I do. And the only thing wrong with me is the extra padding. Are men really that stupid to avoid big girls. OK so I can guess what your thinking? Lose weight.....but I love food and life is too short to live on food that tastes like crap. Also it doesn't help that I live in Joe Dolan country and our only 3 night clubs are full of teeny boppers. Peoples attitudes to FAT people makes me so mad!!!!!! Why do people raise their kids to label everyone? Why are you all so afraid to get close to us? Why am I still single and destined to a life with my bunny? And the answer cause I'm FAT. Do you all think I'll eat you out of house and home. That I go to bed with a dozen cream cakes and 6 bars of chocolate? Do you think I eat enormous amounts of food? Do men think I'll bite of just a little bit........ just cause I can? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!To all you men out there next time your in a night club don't cheer or sneer at the big beautiful lady making eyes at you. Just give her a chance I promise she wont eat you........Well only if you get lucky:)


  1. You are a lovely woman, and correct me if I'm wrong but you never had a problem getting a man.....ever...two on the go at the same time...ring any bells? If you are happy and positive (and not looking for someone) then you'll meet the guy meant for you! Promise!

  2. I blame the media. Genuinely. All too often penny the only images of large people in movies, tv etc are negative ones. It programmes people, stops them from seeing beyond their first impression. When the right guy comes along he'll see you. Have faith.