Sunday, July 15, 2007

Now That's What I Call 4nine£ - Volume 1

I've been away for a couple of days (what do you mean you never noticed?) but have a few things that I'll post later. Recently I was reading back over the almost 200 posts we've done in our brief time together. I'm ashamed to say I'd forgotten a few of them and, almost as importantly, I'd forgotten how good they were.

So, because things move so fast here, and given that we're young enough to get this kind of thing started I'm suggesting a new bar to run down the right hand side of the page called "The Vault". It'll essentially be a 'greatest hits' list of some of the posts we think should be held on to and easily accessible. In order to make this as easy (and ego free!) as possible my suggestion as to what goes there is a simple one.

Anyone who likes can nominate as many posts as they like to go there, you just can't nominate your own :) Or I'll just throw up a bunch of random nonsense. Whatever.

This is an ongoing process. Send them by mail to me - I'll get it started today with the memes.

EDIT - Actually the next post is number 200! Who's going to write themselves into blog history?

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