Sunday, July 15, 2007

Feckin Gardai....

It was a day like any other and I had just finished a stupid 8am till 8pm shift in work. This was my second in a row and my 8th straight day. I was feckin bollixed.

Anyway off I strolled to the luas in St Stephens Green happy in the knowledge that I would home soon and able to chillax for a while. Now being so tired that morning I in my mightiest of wisdom's decided to drive to the luas station in Windy Arbour. In fairness its a 10min walk 3 min drive and I needed the extra seven minutes in bed to coax myself out of it.

So I arrive at the station and go over to my car.

Which is not there.

Which if it has happened to anyone before is like a bite in the nuts by a 12 foot belligerent badger.

"Ah f**k, crap, bollix, Sh**e, c**ty mother f**k" I said.....

So freaking out and feeling so low my chin was scraping magma I set of around ALL the estates looking for my poor car Jeff. Funny thing I had just installed a brand new stereo and it was that €100 that was pissing me off most!!

So after a fruitless wander I went back to the house to look for my VLC cert and insurance details. Then I proceeded to call the police in Dundrum to report the theft.

"Eh, Hi there i would like to report a stolen car please."
"Ok , can I have the car model and registration please?"
"Sure its a mazda 323......"
"Oh what color is it"
"kind off wine"
"Ah ok well that car was actually towed today as it was causing an obstruction."
"Oh ok....So how was it causing an obstruction?"
"Mary, how was that car causing an obstruction?"
"muffled comment here"
"Sir it was causing an obstruction and you will be required to pay €125 to get your car back."
"Ok, where do I pay this fee and where is the car now?"
"Well you pay the fee with us here in Dundrum, and then collect the car in Killmacanogue"
"Well ok so, but I cant get down there tomorrow as I am working is there an extra charge?"
"Well what is the charge"
"Another €35 per day"
"Ok, thanks"

So the next day I was working so it wasn't untill Thursday that I could go down to the Garda station to pay my fee. I asked again for more details on my "obstruction" and no more information was forthcoming.

I paid my fee and was lucky that my house mate was good enough to drive me down to collect the car. Why the hell are cars towed that far away.

So its great that the car was not nicked but it feels like I was taken for a ride by the gardai.


  1. That's rotten, unless you car was a SUV the size of a house and it was parked across several car parking spaces so I couldn't get my kids in the car then I think it's a disgrace.....but a mazda....that's just cruel!

  2. Very similiar thing happened to a mate of mine at the DART carpark in Clontarf. He was clamped though for obstructing which kinda defeats the purpose doesn't it? "You're in the way so we're going to make sure that you can't move?"

    To his credit he took a picture of where the car was, challenged the fine and got away with it.

  3. My friend got towed from an unsigned clearway. I can't believe they took it to Kilmac. How bizarre. Why Kilmac?? It must be meant to be soem sort of added punsihment. Perhaps the cars of people in Kilmac get towed to Dundrum? Though I doubt much clamping goes on there...

    I wish someone would steal my car... though I would miss my stereo too. Still, it would be worth it, it's dented to fuck and I can't afford a service, and my NCT was due in january. Hmm.

  4. Particularly a wine coloured Mazda. Did they have no shame?!

    I remember once going back to a multi-story car park and having that same "OHSWEETJESUSFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK" feeling in the pit of my stomach when I realised my car was stolen. It took me a good 5 minutes to realise that it was parked on the level below.

    Pepole who know me are nodding in understanding.

  5. u never said anything when u were down