Wednesday, July 11, 2007

You're my density... I mean, my destiny...

I'm a great believer in destiny. I know it's probably a load of old codswallop (which is a word that I don't think is used enough these days), but somethings seem too good to happen just by chance. Take, for instance, my wife and I. Those of you who know us, and have spent any time around us know we're absolutely perfect for each other. I know in my heart we were destined to meet somewhere along the way.

When I left school, I had no interest in doing business or a science subject or anything like that in college. I wanted to go to the Rock School in Ballyfermot. That was it. I had applied for courses on the CAO, but really had no intention in following up, and didn't think I'd get accepted anyway, because I'd done pretty averagely on my leaving cert. To my amazement, I got accepted to do IT in Tallaght RTC. Or the TIT (Tallaght Institute of Technology) as it is now known. I was then faced with a dilemma: I was given a week to accept the course, which involved paying 100 old pounds to secure, which I would then lose if I declined, or I could wait and apply to Ballyfermot, which wasn't for a month or so, with no guarantees. I knew I wouldn't find out about that for another month or so, so if I waited, and declined Tallaght, then not been accepted to Ballyfermot, then I'd end up with nothing. So I did the smart thing, and went to Tallaght, so I could at least have some sort of a back-up plan.

2 years later, when I got my certificate in Tallaght, I applied to Ballyfermot, and was accepted. There I met one of my now best mates, who is also the singer in my band. His wife is my wife's best friend, and that's how we met, although she was going out with our ex-keyboard player at the time. Groupie!!

Anyway, if I hadn't put off going to the Rock School, I wouldn't have met my wife, wouldn't now be happily married to her, and I also wouldn't have met our singer, who is my partner in crime, and one of the most talented guys I've ever met. I know it's almost a Kevin Bacon 6 degrees kind of destiny, but it's good enough for me.


  1. Yay another ballyer, I was there a long long time ago not in the rock school but in the RSO course in 1990. RSO was the radio and studio operations course, I did not meet my wife, but was in the same year as Lorraine Keane who was on some journalism presentation course, along with one of the major voiceovers of advertising Dermot Magennis. Strange thing happened though about 2 weeks ago I was speaking to a co-ordinator in Ballyfermot and she was saying that they hope to hold some sort of reunion very soon yippee.

  2. I totally believe in destiny, but you have to be open to it, the bad and the good.if something you really want doesn't happen it's for a reason, and you guys are made for each other!

  3. Ah you can't beat the college in Ballier, did they do the 20p sausage rolls when you were out there? Or JJ the cleaner who looked like Mr Clean?

    Remember one of the open days when I was there. They brought Lorraine Keane out, poor woman was followed around for the day by the entire Presentation and Performance Course while Harry Shearer sat in the corner of the big canteen alone wondering what was going on.

  4. Things do happen for a reason. I don't think I've ever seen two people as made for each other as you two. Remember my reaction the night you told me you were getting engaged?

    There may have been some alcohol involved.

  5. I do remember, you big softie!!
    I'd love a ballyer reunion! We were in the other building, we didn't have such luxuries as sausage rolls! Although we did have Joan and Fran, the canteen ladies, who always looked after us, and Willie, the extremely old nude model who always walked around in shorts and a really crap paisley shirt. Ah yes, those were the days...