Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sweet, sweet drunk talk

I know we don't do this often but it's just come to my attention that Midge has written a really interesting post on her own blog (way to keep the good material for yourself sister!) about relationships to alcohol and how the different types affect you. Might make for a good discussion for us in her comments section if you have a few minutes and, like some of us here, have a certain love for the alkeeeeeehawl.


  1. when you link to my blog from your post does that count as one of your two weekly posts....? or do I dare not question you, wise one?

  2. *crack of thunder* How dare thee question my methods?!?


    Sure that two posts thing went out the window ages ago. Not one for the rules, me.

  3. I think someone needs to be put to work in the lima fields....

  4. Ah Polka.....stabbing me in the back eh? :-) Vive La Revolution!