Monday, August 20, 2007


I actually started this pot a few days ago but for one reason and another never got around to finishing it. Pinky's recent thought led me to ressurecting what I did write even if I don't have the righteous indignation left to finish it :)


Oops. My last proper post was 12 days ago. A little power can make you crazy. I get light-headed cracking the whip.

I suppose one of the reasons for my lack of posting is worth posting about in itself. Any time I ever get to spend an hour or so by myself (and they are few and far between at this stage of my life) there are a hundred different things clawing at those spare seconds you have.

Life is full of them - we fill our spare moments with tv (I even have the bloody thing on the BBC Evening News now in the background as I write this even though it makes it harder to concentrate!), radio (always on - anything but silence), books, newspapers, mp3 players, blogging (yes I am aware of the irony of blogging about this), movies, console games, magazines, even bloody buses and trains have ads running inside them now to distract us!

Anything but be alone with our thoughts.

It has always reminded me of the moment in Schindler's List when one of the jews in the Warsaw Ghetto says "yesterday I had time to formulate a thought". How often do any of us do this? I mean we think all day obviously, about work, family, friends, wants, needs, problems, triumphs, but how often do you leave your thoughts time to roam around your head unfettered?

Just time to think about nothing.

Weirdly I find one of the few places I can do this is in mass. I'm a very, very lapsed catholic but when I do find myself in a church for half an hour for whatever reason I find my mind wandering without any of our normal realworld distractions. Sometimes I like what I come across, sometimes not, but it's always illuminating and interesting.


Oh and congrats to Milan on Post 300 back aways. We're getting so blasé around here these days that we don't even notice.


  1. I would just like to thank my manager, publicist, stylist, and guru for this special honour.

    How do yiz know what no. posting it is, I can't see any no anywhere. Am I not being let in on something??

    As for the post - SL - unfortunately/fortunately my thoughts wander all the time, at every moment, I'm alway feeding off what I hear & always get slagged for randomly changing the subject when really in my head there's a 10 part connection from what was last said.

  2. I like the church too, but my desire to revive my faith (also lapsed) is always tempered by the living in sin/bastard children/homosexual love is wrong, thing!

  3. Romance is my first love and the romance of the church will always keep me in.