Monday, August 20, 2007

Luv 'n' stuff.....

My wedding anniversary is coming up soon and this has me thinking about love and all things matrimonial and romantic. Well not really but it just has me thinking about relationships.
The Sunday Independent article last weekend in their magazine featured an interview with Dita Von teese that started with the qoute: Keep your eyes wide open before marriage; half shut afterwards. I kinda like the idea of this and wish I could do just that. I'm the least tolerant person I know. I never let anyone away with anything. If someone does something wrong, I correct them. I just wish I could do as the qoute says and close my eyes a little bit to certain things, you know, in a "don't-sweat-the-small-stuff" kinda way. I suppose that's a control freak thing.

I remember on our pre-marriage course they said to us that the one thing we loved most about our other half would be the one thing that we would end up hating about them. I suppose it makes sense that if you fell in love with someone because of how intelligent they were, that maybe eventually they would drive you mad as a know-it-all. Or if it was their wacky sense of humour that drew you to them, that their lack of seriousness might eventually maker you crazy.

Did anyone learn anything useful on their pre marriage course? Does anyone have any secrets of everlasting love they wish to share? And to think, my husband hasn't realised that I will be in another country on our wedding anniversary sharing a hotel room with another man? ;-) (Nothing that exciting I can assure you, purely economic reasons for sharing the room!)

By the way I never buy the Sunday Indo, our shop gives the mags away for free on Sunday nights before they close.


  1. My only thought Ash is on the Sunday Indo. Evil I tells ya.

  2. Yeah it drives me mad, I can't stand the Indo. Think they had an article saying how frumpy Kylie looks these days.....My God, the woman survived cancer and they expect her to wear gold hot pants every day.

  3. Yea the Sindo is very annoying - funny that it way exceeds the circulation of any other Irish newspaper. Anyway, speaking of Dita von Teese. She was in the "This much I know" section of the Observer magazine a few weeks back and was interesting. See link:,,2116789,00.html

  4. ok, I have no secrets to love or romance, or keeping the romance going, but a walk on the pier in Dunlaoghaire and a burger in Gourmet burger gets my vote! that or marshmallow fluff and chocolate sauce! Yum! You can eat it off a spoon, a strawberry or my favorite, a body part!