Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Find a Famous Grave...

I know it's very rude of me to post 2 times in a row but I chanced upon this site while seeking an image for the last and it's great family morbid fun:


Search for an image of the grave of the famous people you like from the past. Search facility is not the best but I found Beethoven, FD Roosevelt, Marylin Monroe, Queen Victoria and George Peppard.

Let me know who you found.


  1. Is there a status to be gained from the state of your grave? Some of the ones you see nowadays look like a team of graphic designers have been commissioned to work on them?

    There's headstones on the market now that would nearly require planning permission to be erected....

  2. my parents are thank God still alive, so imagine my shock last year when my mum told me the tombstone was up....and engraved with their names....seriously! Now my family are in the funeral business but this was bizarre! And no, before you ask there were no dates of death on the stone!

  3. I came across Dusty Springfields grave by chance in a tiny graveyard in Henley, the tombstone was the smallest I've seen, not even the size of an A4 page. If the size of the grave is a status thing then does anyone else think this is weird, who doesn't have a Dusty Springfield song somewhere in their collection?!