Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Stop all the clocks

I like Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez for a lot of reasons, although mostly because the US government hates him and the CIA spend a lot of time trying to overthrow him because he doesn't give a shite about the lot of them. John Pilger likes him too which is good enough for me.

Today I heard about another good reason to like him.

On January 1st next year he's planning on moving his country's time zone by half an hour. Why? Because he's sure it will help the metabolisms of his country's citizens.



  1. jesus......why is he doing that? I'd change it by three or four hours, imagine in the winter get up at what now is four, then seven or eight (it's dark then anyway) and you work from six till two or three, still bright for a few hours, at the moment in winter we go to bed in the dark, come home in the dark...oh I would be a great dictator!

  2. SL - did you see the Channel 4 documentary a few months back, something like 462 ways to Kill Castro. It was classic, all the failed attempts to kill Castro by CIA supported Miami assassin. It was like Roadrunner.

  3. Missed it Milan, a friend told me today about a Pilger doc on South America (including Chavez) I missed on UTV recently too. Just not watching a lot of TV recently. Not that that's a bad thing.

  4. I wonder would he specify which half hour it is? Like would it be a case that from 9.30pm to 10pm today will not exist?

    Can you imagine all the workers who'd get docked the half hours wage cos it had been done away with??

    And what would happen if you were meant to meet someone under the Cleary's clock (Venezuelan branch obviously) at 9.45??

    Very confusing...