Friday, August 31, 2007

Food Loves

Following on from the paean to Toast, I was thinking we should share our best-beloved foodie fixes (ready made tubs of frosting don't count! Blech!) but other than that, as gourmet or as fast as you care to make them.

For instance:

Potato waffles drizzled with ketchup, put on fried mushrooms and tomatoes and a fried egg with salt and pepper. I'm a freak and like my eggs broken and cooked hard, but if you like them runny (uuugggghhhh) I suppose that's what will make you happy (you sick bastards).

I also am fond of the baguette version (no waffles, though now you come to mention it....), but then you add onions and mayonnaise and chop the eggs up.

Anyone else?


  1. Whoops, posted prematurely while going to look for picture, sorry!

  2. I love home made burgers with really fresh lettuce and tomato, and pink burger sauce on hot ciabatta bread. Followed by chocolate fudge cake and frothy coffee and I'm done.

  3. I would kill you, everyone here and anyone I've ever met for eggs benedict. Organic eggs, ham, preferably on english muffins with lovely hollandaise sauce and a dash of paprika on top. Large mug of black coffee.

  4. A friend told me Harry's Cafe Bar in Dun Laoghaire has a really wonderful eggs benedict.

  5. My chorizo rice, chorizo, onions, peppers, kidney beans, sweetcorn and rice....spiced up with garlic, fresh thyme, chilli and some fresh coriander added just when serving! Yummy!