Monday, August 13, 2007

Green, green grass of home!

Hey guys and gals, I'm back in the world of the blogging! I've done a couple of posts on my own blog about my adventures in the states, check out the links below if you are bored!

Anyway it's great to be home, I had an adventure and I'm really glad I ventured outside of my comfort zone but I missed my family and friends terribly! I also surprisingly missed my humble abode! My friends home is beautiful, it is a lovely traditional New England home (much, much nicer than the one pictured above) and inside it is beautifully laid out and stylishly furnished. In short - Perfect! I was accommodated in a lovely self contained guest apartment and that was equally elegant, much nicer than anywhere I think I've ever lived. But I was so unhappy, I missed my poky house that I am constantly complaining about! I knew I was gonna miss my kids (but not that it would be an actual physical ache) but i didn't really think I'd miss my husband, I was wrong, I missed him so much, I realised in being away from him that he's my lobster (sorry Maine reference there) he's my best friend, without him to share things with they seemed less real, less impressive, less interesting and sharing them with him second hand isn't the same. I came back to reality with a bump, crying baby, son and daughter fighting and husband shattered, I came back to a different family than the one I'd left a week earlier, but I definitely appreciate them more than I did before. Anyway more soon, now I need to get some sleep, still a problem since I came home, I keep waking up and thinking I'm still in America, alone!


  1. Welcome home missus! See you soon I hope!

  2. Wellcome back! it's good to go away because as you said it makes you appreciate what you have and it offers you the perspective to change what can be changed ;)
    x x

  3. I have to admit, I feel a bit awkward for the people you were staying with reading about you having a bad time there. I presume your hosts were excellent despite missing home.

  4. Welcome back to the world of the blogging MW!

  5. Milan my hosts were excellent! It was really a home from home! Sure they gave me lobster....and lobster wine! and sure they wiped away my tears when the loneliness got too much!
    Mossie, thanks, will see you soon, it was an adventure!
    Frank you are right of course, things look different from a distance, that's a good thing! you sometimes can see things clearly! Hope to see you soon too, I've joined the ranks of the lone travellers!
    Thanks Someone, it's like riding a bike, you never forget!