Monday, August 13, 2007

International Lefthanders Day

I've been away for a few days so have yet to catch up on earlier posts but it's my duty to first let you know about left-handers day -

I could go on forever about the difficulties of living in a backwards world but as 95% of everything manufactured is made for right hands my list would go on forever. The things that annoy me most are cameras and mugs, and to a lesser extent lottery tickets, necklaces and sweets/chocolate.

In this twisted PC world we live in most minorities are aided socially and practically. We're not sinister or beaten anymore like in my dad's day and so don't need the social elevation but in practical terms society does very little to help with life in a backward's world.
But today is my day, so happy lefthanders day.


  1. I never thought about it really before but yeah you're so right (hehe or should I say 'left' given the day thats in it!) I write (again, sorry!) with my left hand but have to do everything else like taking pictures and cutting with scissors with right hand because all implements are designed to be used by righthanders. However I am confused (and a bit intrigued!) as to why one would need specifically left-handed sweets/chocolates!?! Whats that about??

  2. Happy Left-handers' Day!

    I'm a lefty and on this special day, I would like to offer a helpful tip to other fellow lefties...

    For anyone who experiences the annoying problem of smudging when writing or drawing ...there's a new little glove called SmudgeGuard that would solve this problem. I have bought one and it really works! I don't get smudges on the side of my hand or pinky anymore! You can check it out at

    Hope this new tip will make your life as a lefty more easier! =)

    Again, Happy Lefthanders' Day!

  3. I'm so impressed with the drawing program - it's a far cry from Microsoft Paint!

    What odes Ned Flanders call his sho9p, the Leftorium? There must be a serious internet opportunity there.

  4. As another leftie, my main issue is the glass measuring cups!!! I HATE having to hold it backwards and pour with my "bad" hand.

    However, I do, when I play tennis, have two forehands, which are equally powerful :-D.

  5. I can't believe we have so many lefties in 49£. This is great.

    Fitzy - the cut mark for opening revels, say, will be for pouring with right hand, same with the little boxes like with tic-tacs, etc. Malteser boxes will have the string for opening the plastic on the right side, etc, etc.

    Polkadot - I have a similar issue with the kettle fill level. I think there are some kettles out there with level indicator on both sides but haven't seen them.

    Jothemama - Ned is indeed a lefthand icon, and I found myself a Ned Flanders badge only last week - BUT in the badge, and in the trailer for the new Simpsons film, he's waving with his right hand. The Blasphemy is incorrigible.

    There's a shop in London and a few internet sites that sell leftie stuff but they're quite limited and most of it is very overpriced. They're selling leftie keyboards now though for 30 sterling which isn't bad. No cameras yet though.

  6. God. It'd is a thoughtless tyranny of righthandedness, isn't it. The question I have, is why left handed people aren't out there manufacturing stuff? Are you lot all to artistic for that?

  7. The blasphemy Milan! They have some very cool new Simpsons badges btw in the Art & Hobby Shops. Krusty saying "I heartily endorse this event or product", that kind of thing.

  8. Jothemama - I wonder that myself. I would have thought that there's enough of us to be a powerful marketing force but apparently not. I read something about Nikon manufacturing a prototype lefthand camera but deciding against marketing it in the end.

    SL - I know, I was in A&H shop last wk and bought 9 (coincidence). I love the Selma one "wake up and smell your husband", and the classic "lies make baby Jesus cry".