Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I always found X overrated.

I am sorry but I aint going to tell all about my porn collection but rather the fact after 2 and a half years I have found a way to save 40 minutes to get home.

The 84X

My god why did it take me so long to get this bus. I always saw it while standing waiting for my bus the 145 on Kildare Street, I knew it went to Greystones, Kilcoole and beyond, I knew it went down the motorway at Loughlinstown so why did I not check it out before yesterday.

Fear of the unknown.

I live at the Greystones end of Bray, and did not know where I would be able to get of this particular bus, so yesterday I took the brave step of giving it a go.

For fucks sake, it leaves me with a 5 minute walk up the Herbert Road and gets me home before 7 which has never happened in my 2 and a half years in Bray, normally I get home just before 7.15pm

Thank you, thank you Dublin Bus.


  1. Ha, Shanachie, you live down the road from me, I live on Oldcourt Park! So are we the Bray contingent?

  2. Shan, it's not often a fairytale with Dublin Bus so I'm glad for you.

    Oh my god, the scariest looking daddy-long-leg spider just appeared in front of me. It's body was silver and it was really big. I'm not in general afraid of spiders and don't like killing them so I just held my breath until this one passed. It's somewhere under the computer table now......

  3. Shan, I shared your fear too and one night took the 46B or D or something instead of the regular 46A. Ended up lost in the back streets of Stillorgan with a half hour walk home. Nice to see a good Dublin Bus story!