Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Street Parade - Switzerland

Hello all! First off apologies for the bugger all posting. Not only have I been away but my computer is acting a bit weird. When I switch it on the only way I can get on is to go into the setup and immediately escape out of it again. Hmmmm time to get a new PC me thinks.

So anyway I am just back from another trip to Switzerland, my home from home and this time there was the special occasion of the Street parade. This is a huge event Where the City shuts down and people from all over the place come and dance from dawn till dusk.

Now the Swiss are generally a lovely people but seem quite timid and reserved. So I really wasn't sure what to expect. Well I saw a different side of the Swiss that's for sure. The floats had naked men waving dildos around and everywhere you looked there were people in dressed in all manner of outrageous costume. The Love Parade in Berlin has been stopped so it seems that this already busy event has been enlarged.

So I spent the day with a good bunch people, just sitting around drinking and eating dodgy food. By the end of the night I was fairly twisted and we went to the main train station where the real "Duf, Duf, Duf, Duf" crap was playing. Now I am really not a fan of dance music but the vibe in the place was really good. Not too many people puking and even fewer causing rows. I lasted about the time it took me to drink a malibu and cranberry juice...(All that was available...I swear) and staggered back to my mates place.

Now this was an all day event and as you can imagine the mess of the city centre was unreal. But christ you gotta admire the Swiss!! By 9am Sunday morning there was no sign that an event had even taken place :)

So for anyone looking for a good day out I can more than recommend this excellent event. Even if you have little liking for dance music the atmosphere is great and there is none of the normal bullshit you can expect at these events.

Tomorrow - "Am I a Mean Person?"

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  1. I'm going to the Swiss mountains next month on way home from wedding in Sicily. I love the mountains.

    From my limited experience rave music gets a totally different crowd on continent than here. In Ireland rave is for scangers while in Europe it's for trendy students.