Monday, August 20, 2007

I am Shan, and im a gobshite!

Last Friday morning I got into work and decided with the weekend coming I would play a little practical joke on a colleague who's also a good friend. the joke took just 2 minutes to formulate and was done by email, now not to get into the joke itself, as soon as I hit send I knew I had made a mistake, (first incident of being a gobshite) for starters I did not consider peoples emotions, friendship, company policy or anything my mind just thought this was the funniest thing ever.

Well talk about pissing someone off and she was within her rights to be annoyed, not only had I fucked someone off but I had probably lost a good friend to boot.

We are talking and playing the whole incident down, but I know I fucked up, and I have apologised profusely, but even though she forgave me etc, all weekend I have felt like shit over it. Its my own fault, so I have no sympathy for myself.

Anyhow arrived in to work today and thankfully I did not have a p45 sitting on my desk and the person in question has been like normal all day, so I am lucky for that.

Anyhow just thought I would let you all know what a gobshite I am.


  1. Just not enough juicy detail in this one! We demand more...

  2. I second that curiosity call.

    I've done that before - lost all rationality in the pursuit of the perfect joke. I think you should be forgiven in your motifs.

  3. I honestly cant go into more details on the blog as more people may get hurt, but maybe when we meet up at some point I could tell all.

  4. Don't be so hard on yourself. It's when people do something like that and expect others to "get over it", that it hurts. At least you appear to have shown genuine remorse.

    Although I'd probably feel you were a gobshite if you told us the real story....!!!!!

  5. Dude, every one of us has done the same in one form or another over the years. Holding up your hand and saying "I am a gobshite" is the first step.

  6. Shan, remembered another story. Yeeaars ago I along with persons A & B planned a joke on C. C was surprized and a bit hurt. We apologised but let A admit to being the origin of the joke. Later, C got over it and A disappeared and never spoke to us ever again for having betrayed her as the joke originator. You never know how its gonna go.

  7. I'm a wuss...when I was a student i worked in a DIY chain, and on my last day, I was leaving for another low paid "casual" part time position, but I wouldn't have to work Sunday, stephen's, new years day! Anyway as i was leaving they decided to say goodbye....I was manhandled by two of the blokes, tied to a lamp post in the car park, then buckets of water with peat moss compost...washing up liquid....I don't know what..was dumped over me! Why? I don't know, Cos I was fat? Cos I was in college? Cos I was confident? Anyway I went home - in a taxi paid by the manager, and I never did anything, nothing, only felt crap and was less confident, I never feel like workmates ( these werepeople I'd worked with, and socialised with for 18 months) like me now...I don't trust people! My mum and da when I arrive home joked about it, like it was ok, I left home four weeks later. I know what you did Shan was nothing like that ( I assume) it's just brought up those memories to the surface!

  8. Fuck I dont feel like a gobshite now after hearing what those wankers did, and at least I apologised, also we do practical jokes on each other all the time in here 4 of us especially this went just over the line a bit but the power of four has now returned and all is good.