Monday, August 27, 2007

It has to be done.. oh yes....the BB posting

Well I've already taken many verbal assaults this year for voting FF and switching to Ryan Tubriddy, so bring on the Big Brother insults.

I've only been watching the last 3 years, and probably wouldn't watch it if Dermot O'Leary wasn't on it because I only watch his show, albeit religously, but anyway, I've enjoyed it a lot this year and I especially love the twins - Sam & Amanda. They're so pretty and pure and happy and glowing in a way that doesn't make you sick. Their beauty is classic innocence. I hope they win on Friday.


  1. Sorry Milan but it's all pure evil. Any interest it had ran out for me in series 2 or 3. I gave up when it became a series full of freaks and meeja wannabes.

  2. Milan I am on your side here, may I refer back to this post, I am possibly a bigger big brother fan since I watch bblb and the highlights show, I even found myself watching big brother on the couch, yes I am sad, but this year I avoided watched the live feeds on E4 so for that I am proud.

    Ok the twins are cool, but I do have to say Brian for me deserves the win so much more. He has gone through a journey in the house and has totally changed, he is also so entertaining, either way it will be one or other who win and for that I am happy.

  3. To be honest PiP I didn't think much of him til I saw him in the Stadium recently and he was really good.

  4. Who's Russell?

    Shan - I'm a relative newbie to BB, but I don't think it's going anywhere. If they run it for the next 20 years and it gets really boring, it will still take in more viewers than any other Channel 4 programme and their budget needs it. Sorry I missed you earlier post. This is diverging off the track a bit but re whatshername's 'n' comment and discussion afterwards on this, I discovered that most other people find the 'n'word offensive, whereas to me its like 'neat' & 'rocks', foreign words that make the person who says them look stupid because they're not American.