Monday, August 27, 2007

Survey time... morbid warning

Continuing on the morbid theme, I'm an e-hoarder and hence have nearly 800 numbers on my phone, many repetitions, sometimes 15 numbers for the 1 person, anyway, as far as I can remember I have numbers for at least 2 dead people on my phone.

Can anyone beat me?


  1. Who in the name of Bono's Hair Implants has 15 different numbers?

  2. Well you might have the persons last 3 mobile numbers (I don't remove old nos, just name the next with '2' at end), home, work, parents. The friend with 15 entries moved through several countries and I still have all the old home, work, mobile numbers for he, plus the temp mobiles she used when in Ireland, and my phone somehow copied all of her numbers without the space between first and last name so it's nearer to 30 entries for her. In the end I use max 3 of these nos.