Friday, August 24, 2007

Magic Moments!

Myself and the husband a bite to eat with a friend who's only back from China a few weeks, I hadn't spoken to her since she got back so I'd missed all the stories! Turns out she wound up in Hospital with septicemia! Turns out she walked for so long one day when she got lost she got a huge blister in her foot which wound up getting swelling up to twice it's normal size, oozing and that dreaded red line that your mother always warned you about started it's way up toward her heart! Terrified she was taken to hospital, where in a recently vacated bed (still warm) with an open drain running through the room she grinned and bore it as they pumped her full of medication whilst laughing at the tall white lady with the huge feet! Everyone in the Hospital liked to spit and smoke...nobody wore latex gloves and you had to go to the on site pharmacy to buy your saline and drugs for the drips!

So as you can no doubt imagine she was stressed to a huge degree, she was travelling with friends but not wanting to be a burden (so Irish) she sent them off and with a book she only had twenty pages left in and her friends Ipod. So as the drip pumped into her arm and she tried to take up a position on the bad that avoided the urine stains she listened to someone elses music selection! Now her friend is a lovely girl but they would have differing tastes in music so as she is witnessing crazy patients wander in and out of her room, a variety of Disney songs and musical numbers are interspersed with regular pop music! The most bizarre moment apparently was when a man walked by her door turning to reveal a missing eye ball and "magic moments" played in her headset!

Thanks be to god she was well enough to travel back to Hong Kong and was seen in a wonderful hospital and thank God (again) is back to her normal self! But the story got me thinking, would the experience have been any different if my friend had her own I pod with her would Stereophonics have added anything to the experience (probably not) did the surreal music make the experience easier to handle?

It's made me think about my MP3 player....I don't think I'd want you to have free reign to listen to mine, there is more than enough in there to embarrass me, but I wouldn't change it. What would I think of you if I listened to yours? Should we start random swapping of MP3 players? Would it give us insight into our friends and family? "Why Dad, I didn't know you liked Moose T (true story..."Horny, horny, horny!")?

So (bear with me on this one), do our MP3 players say more about us than we want to say? We put out our best books ("I love Joyce"...right), our coolest CD's, we were our nicest clothes etc, but our MP3 is private, it's just for us, in our heads. We all walk around with our own private soundtrack to our lives, if you swap your sound track with someone else does it change your life? Would an Emo kid still be sad if they listened to Mika? (probably worse so)

We all tend to think that everyone shares our out look and views on life, but when we put ourselves in someone else's shoes (or earphones) we see (or hear) things differently!


  1. Glad to hear your friend is better. Scary experience.

    I must be the only person on the planet without an MP3. I'm looking to buy one for the 11 year old but would love a recommendation as I'm useless and haven't a clue.

  2. Everyone will probably have recommendations, hubby and I have creative ones, they are excellent, but you hear all sorts of things! You run so much I can't believe you don't have one yet! You ok? Back from the sunny southeast for now? We'll have to arrange to meet up wit the kids one day.

  3. I can vouch for the state of the hospital. Full swift treatment for all of 25 euro though!

    Isn't it the worst thing possible to have to do than give someone your MP3 player, all credibility goes out the window when they see Bruce Springsteen alongside Johnny Logan or Bring Him Home from Les Miserables.

    I'm still trying to recover from the shame of having The Women's Hour podcast on was for research purposes

  4. There's a name for the phenomenon, the swapping your mp3 player with your mate's one for a couple of weeks. Damned if I can find it now when I need it of course. Am trying to think of the most "embarassing" stuff on mine but I don't think anything is embarrasing when it comes to music.

    Don't have Sam Fox's greatest hits for instance. Although I do have a few of her singles somewhere on vinyl. I was young and impressionable m'lud.

  5. MW - the songs on my phone don't really reflect me cause I don't update it. Like me speeddials, they are years old, some poeple that I hardly ever see on it but I don't change them.

  6. I have a Creative Zen, Ash. Never given me a moment of trouble and considerably cheaper than an Ipod.

  7. I know Milan sometimes we listen to the same music for years...I have artists I think I'll always love, but then I love finding new artists and music. My MP3 player is like the soundtrack to my life, my life changes, so does the soundtrack!