Sunday, August 26, 2007

Put another dime in the jukebox baby

Was enjoying a very unhealthy bacon and cheese fries in a well known 50s style diner last night when I noticed something very odd with their jukebox. Amongst the usual 50's/60's suspects were scattered some 80s gems. I wonder how many plays Morriseys 'Suedehead' gets on a weekly basis. Or 'Thinking of You' by the Colourfield for that matter. This was in the Wexford Street Eddie Vomits/Empty Pockets if you feel the need to have a burger while listening to songs that peaked at number 15 in 1985. Finally a themed restaurant I can relate to!


  1. I remember GB just how exotic and adult the little jukeboxes in Eddie's seemed when they opened up. They were almost a reason in themselves to go there! These days though they don't work far more often than they do. Shame.

  2. I'm a huge Eddie's fan! (I think I've mentioned it round here before!) And the jukeboxes usually work, you just have to wait a long time sometimes for your song to come on. :-)

    (Why am I so defensive about eddies?.....)

  3. I remember my first visit to Eddies...Rathmines, I was 17....the Hotdogs really were foot long....yum!
    Anyway I like the bizarre juxtaposiion of 60's crap and modern crap music! Shame it takes so long for the songs to come visits are always accompanied by very minor minors and therefore short!
    Btw ash do you have shares in Eddies :->

  4. Ash - I know your name is Aisling now - I think you need to look deep into your past about the Eddie's fixation.