Wednesday, August 22, 2007

People, Lend me your cups!

Bless me bloggers for I have sinned! Whats worse than a lapsed catholic? A lapsed blogger.

So one of the things I've been doing since I've lapsed is think, properly, about what I want for the future, and read, I've been reading a book called "Whatever you think, think the opposite," (read it it's good, twenty minutes tops but you'll benefit), I've also been drink....not even a glass of wine with dinner! So the book talks about finding out what you want to do, it's not necessarily a good thing to have loads of ideas (that's me!)you just need to have one idea, and stick with it! the book also says you shouldn't hold on to your ideas, but freely give them away, if you give them away you'll have more ideas to replace the one you give away! So here goes!

Late night cafes! I'm not drinking, but I want to go out with my friends, I want to sit and nurse a cup of hot chocolate (or more truthfully a black coffee) and have a huge homemade brownie or baked cheesecake, or if it's a savory night but not an out to dinner night, then some eggs or an omelet! Imagine somewhere to go, not a bar or a restaurant, but like your favorite (daytime) coffee shop! I think it would be lovely, no drunky people hassling you, nothing messy, just sitting there chatting, or shock horror, playing boardgames! Listening to live music, (obviously quietly) OK, you are thinking now that I've lost the plot but I think it's a great idea, a cheap place to go (even for teenagers) sit, talk and consume chocolate!

Recently Goldenbeers wrote a post about a Dublin hotel which closed recently, with that hotel closed the "Coffee Dock", a place where you could go for a cup (of crap) coffee and slice of apple tart after closing time, the place I'm suggesting isn't like that, I wouldn't want a place where people arrived pissed off their heads (so it would probably have to close by say eleven).

So there's my idea, do with it what you will, I don't have the money to do it (all donations gratefully received) so I'm throwing it out to the commune/cult/whatever. If someone does it let me know, I'll be your best customer!


  1. MW - welcome back. Did you see my earlier reminisce about the new year's eve ball we went to in Berkeley Court?

    I wonder whether we already have those type of cafes already. Years ago Beweleys was the spot to be when there was no late night pubs. But it's still a nice idea.

  2. You are right...I loved Bewleys on Grafton Street, where are there late night cafe's? tell me, I'd love to go...only thing is they don't have my amazing baked good! (he he)
    I have photo's of the haven't changed a bit, can't believe you still have the dress!

  3. Well cafe mocha in town and Rathmines still has that feel and the people aren't too drunk. Starbuck's is a but ponsy with no food. Can't think of anywhere else right now.

    btw, I got my age collage together and emailed it to SL but couldn't find your address so will you ask him to forward it to you.

  4. Starbucks is soulless! Cafe Mocha sounds ok...but and I know I'm moaning they are in town....I prefer not to go to town....I'm 34 for Gods sake :-(

  5. I was gonna say Bewleys too, that used to be the place for late night coffee. Myself and my husband don't drink so we go to Eddie Rockets just for dessert and coffee sometimes. At least you can be scruffy....

  6. good idea Ash, I'd never think of that...I know I'm being picky but there should be somewhere nice you know? Eddies is great but you wouldn't make a night of it, the desserts are ok, but not amazing....I know I'm so picky!

  7. Cafe Mocha or Moda? in Rathmines is not too far away. Are there any cafes in Blackrock, I would have thought there would have been. I'll meet you there sometime if you want.

  8. Get yer arse on a plane over here, there's feck loadsa late night coffee places in London!!

  9. Sounds great, Milan, no cafes in Blackrock open late.....loads of pubs though

    Fitzy, we so wouldn't be in coffee shops if I went to London:-)

  10. Think we're missing the point of the ides unless I'm mistaken, I'm presuming the idea is not just for somewhere that serves coffee late and is half full of drunks with nowhere else to go but somewhere that is like a pub without the booze.

    A comfortable place to socialise in a pub style but with baked goods and nice coffee late on.

    There must be a reasons someone hasn't done this.