Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pop Idle.....who has that Z factor?

Ever eventful when it comes to new challenges for my fellow lima bean pickers, here's one for this week end. I challenge ye to a laze-off, i.e. coming up with something you do or have done which can be described as appallingly lazy. Bonus points for when they're hidden as positive things; extra bonus points for when they're utterly shameless.

For example, when eating soup, I never butter the bread. Healthy, you might think, but really it's because I couldn't be bothered wasting the energy opening the little butter wrapper.

I hate when posh cafes make me butter my own toast, what do you pay the extra cash for?? Sorry got sidetracked ranting for a moment.

Anyway, let the shame begin...


  1. All my life I've left apple cores lying around the house. I'm just slovenly.

    Forgetting/not getting around to changing your child's nappy is the most shameful thing I've done - well, not your child, MY child!

    And I failed to get around to paying my car tax - got my husband to get the gardai to stamp the form pretending to have been too incapacitated to drive in last trimester of pregnancy. And I don't feel remotely guilty, I've saved myself seventy quid.

    Shite, I'd better stop, I'm perjuring myself!

  2. I reckon I have you all beat...

    Since I moved house I have been to a supermarket once... I hate cooking so dont see the point. If I get hungry I either get a takeaway or stay hungry untill I am near a sandwich shop.

  3. three kids....... sometimes I give them frozen veg! I just don't have the time to be perfect! I'd love to be lazy.....I used to be lazy...but the kids beat it out of me!

  4. My little girl has begun walking and wants to hold your hand all the time so she can get about, this is tiring and also bad for your back when you are 6 foot 4. easy solution get onto something with wheels and let her drag you about, trust me it works a treat.

  5. Older child loves to clean (don't know where he gets that from!), so I had him the sponge and the cleaner and say "I just need to look something up on the Internet" and do a quick check of email and the blog. At the same time, the child is cleaning the tub! SCORE!

  6. I've ordered taxis purely to drop cigarettes down to me? Is that lazy enough?

    Oh - and I never remember to replace lightbulbs. The lightbulb in my spare room has been blown for at least 18 months.

  7. I love that taxi-ordered cigarettes one. Can you get them to shop for you too?