Thursday, August 16, 2007

sexist jo

Is it just me - or do you avoid the check out queues with males on the tills?

In my local Tesco there's a guy who may or may not be disabled in some way, who just takes the most extremely long time do process shopping, and god forbid he has to deal with a query. And the listless teen who lifted items onto the scanner as if he suffered from the end stage of some terrible bone disease... I haven't seen him since, please god someone saw fit to fire him.

It then occurred to me that maybe this is just a problem Irish men have, as the Spanish and Polish guys who work there are efficient, sweet and zippy. But then I realised (the thought processes are fairly slow in my own baby-mush brain at the mo) that of course the Irish people who resort to working in Tesco may just not be our best or brightest, while the foreigners are probably degree holders, if not highly qualified in some impressive field.

What's sadder? Irish guys who can't scan groceries or accountants working in Tesco?An Indian nurse in Crumlin was saying her highly qualified friend is getting minimum wage in Spar at the moment. My husband (who manages a Spar) was ruminating on the problem that his area manager has alienated all his staff while he was on holiday and now they're all quitting - the majority of the staff are Chinese, Polish or Indian and are all extremely intelligent - more so that the officious and power hungry area manager. My husband reckons there's more intellect in the staff of his shop than amongst the management of the other three in the franchise.


  1. guys are grand....they don't try to make small talk....heaven! Sure the polish and chinese will be running the country in a few years, rightly so, the are fantastic workers...we on the other hand are lazy feckers...see post above!

  2. The dilema is, would you rather have a service of precision efficiency with minus level communication, or a job half done with someone you can talk to.

  3. Can't agree with that, I find the foreigners nicer in my Tesco. The only lady who was chattier was the freak who told me all about her grandson who's mimicing the dog and eating dogfood, lifting his leg etc and how she's worried about her son hitting him bnut he blames it all on her because she used to beat him and won't listen to her.

    I did not need to have that conversation'!

  4. Theres a deli/Spar type shop around the corner from work. Behing the hot counter is a woman we call 'kuncha'.

    It came about after we overheard her mutteing 'ya fuckin' cunt ya' about a customer. Classy ...