Thursday, September 13, 2007

12 October - part 2. The unsolved mystery.....

Ok I was away for 2 weeks and am well behind things.

Anyway, further to my last email, there's another very famous potential 12thoctobery person who I'm very happy to be associated with only there's a mystery surrounding the date of his birth.

If you go into Glasnevin cemetary, turn right and the first grave you come across is that of Michael Collins. On his gravestone he was born on 12 October. However, all the biographers say he was born on 16th October. Who do you believe?? Should the historians have a better source than the family members who buried him??

Who knows the answer. I like to believe the gravestone is right.



  1. It's mad, have you ever looked up who else was born on the 12th Milan? Hugh Jackman, Brian Kennedy, Magnus Magnusson. Fascinating. Has anyone else looked up theirs? Go to Wikipedia and put in your date of birth. It's really interesting.

    I looked mine up but for reasons of not telling you my birthday I'd rather not say who. 2 very famous composers are in there, a poet, a one hit wonder of the 90s, a porn star, an incredibly legendary Irish singer, a south american dictator and a former Northern Irish football international. Fascinating.

  2. Rene Zellweger, Andy Bell!, Al Pacino, Ella Fitzgerald and yiks, Oliver Cromwell 'English Statesman'.

  3. David Blane has exactly the same birthday as me...04/04/1973! My son was born on 04/04/2007.....

  4. OH MY GOD, not only do we live realitivly close but we also share or birthdays 25th april. Thats right Jo, spooky

    I am in 1972 though not sure about you.

    Other names

    Guglielmo Marconi,Bjorn Ulvaeus and Hank Azaria

  5. Now that's just weird Shan. Are you the same person just in drag?

  6. To be honest, I'm more interested this time in the fact that either a famous gravestone or every historian got Michael Collins birthday wrong.