Friday, September 14, 2007

I had a dream!

I had a dream and a lot of the people in it seem to be bloggers from this very site.

I think it may be due to an email SL sent out that was stuck in my head, unfortunately I now have a visual idea in my head of what people look like. So if one day we meet up and I am looking you up and down, do not be offended, I just may be suprised!

Anyhow I am still concerned about the dream and what went on in it, lets just say it was very weird!


  1. oh do tell more....was it a "going postal" type dream....or another sort of dream :-}

  2. How scary would it be if you met us all and it your dream had been exactly accurate?

    Next thing you know you'll wake up in cyber space, with Electric Dreams playing in the background!

  3. My friend there is no way you're going to get away with not telling us now. Fresh post please!

  4. I apologise for any wrongdoings I may have done in your dream.