Thursday, September 20, 2007

17th Century Shipwreck Off Korea

Hendrick Hamel wrote in 1666 of a land not yet known to most of the world. The inhabitants of Korea had become comfortable maintaining a private society, and in fact lived with a conscious effort to maintain that solitude. Their world changed dramatically on August 15, 1653, when a shipwreck deposited thirty-two survivors on an island off the coast of Korea. Crafted by Henny Savenije, a professor of English in Korea, the remarkable collection of information from Hamel and others gives clear imagery and insight into the experiences of the ship's survivors. There, they can learn of the ten-month long internment of the ship's passengers, their travels around Korea, and feel the true thrill of discovery. In the complete translation of Hamel's original 17th century manuscript you stop being a reader, and become an adventurer.

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  1. Sorry, no interest in Asia so can't be arsed following the link through.