Thursday, September 20, 2007

My phobia

I haven't been blogging in a while - have been waiting to get broadbanded by NTL so haven't been able to see the video blogs etc and everything takes an age etc. Anyhow. Tonight with my little dude well tucked up and (to be honest) feck all on tv I thought I would have a wee scroll to see what you guys have been blogging bout. Dear Jesus was I sorry I scrolled as I came across SL's recent blog about the purchase of a snake ( I think thats what it was about as I quickly had to scroll back up to a safer blog) I have no problem that I know of with snakes or reptiles but mice and rodents of any shape or form freak me out.

A couple of years ago my neighbour told me she had seen a r*t between our gardens and I wouldn't go back to my house until he / she / they were taken care of!! I would have happily married the guy who did the job.

My biggest fear is to be close to any rodent and I cant explain how awful I think they are. My skin crawls.

Surely this phobia is a fairly normal one. anyone any exotic phobias to report?? (oh I'm not too keen on heights either)


  1. Heights is certainly the big one for me; always has been, probably always will be. Well, until I leap out of a plane and confront the necrophobic fear that the parachute won't open...

  2. Definately heights, we were in Paris about five years ago, just hubby eldest son and me, we went up the Eiffel tower, they went to the top.....I got to the first level and froze!
    Also I'm not fond of rodents, one winter in my parents house we had mice, and the noise they make at night is scary, then in our second rented mews...for mews read damp, insect infested hovel we had a mouse, a mouse so scary the cat didn't want to touch it, so my hubby bought a humane mouse trap, a glue trap, so follow this to it's logical conclusion, mouse got stuck on the glue pad and alive and squirming around we then had to stand on it or bang it's brains out against the wall! Not a good experience.
    Also I have a serious phobia of mayo!

  3. MW I didnt know you when you had mice. I wont be able ever to do the Eiffel and sad to say that but its a small price to pay for the freeze it happened me at the top of the spiral slide on hols yrs ago and I had to go back down the steps on my knees. shaking. that was the first time I realised my fear of heights. oh and on Inis Mor at Dunangus (spelt wrong). trying not to picture the standing on / banging of the mouse. still scratching from the sight of the mice earlier.
    Atreus you have reminded me of the semi conscious state when you feel like you are falling and then jolt awake. hate that feeling.

  4. It's wierd, it seems that people who are scared of mince aren't scared of spiders - I hate spiders and scream involuntarily when one of the evil alien things runs at me but I think rodent are cute.

    HAving said that we had a mouse infestation one year - tried to deal with them with humane traps - the glue one makes no sense to me, the one we bought was a little tunnel and you had to release it into the wild at least a mile away or it would find its way back apparently! But they got too numerous for the traps to work. Worst moment - hearing the new fangled real deal mouse trap snap and then a squeak - ahd to go in and see the tiny field mouse with teh trap snapped on it's back scrabbling awy from me, dragging the trap with it. Ugh. I had to hit it 3 tiles with a pot, seriously traumatic experience!

    We got an electric sonic thing - it doesn't get rid of them at all but it seems to keep them out

    I don't like the dark much and I've been scared of werewolves since childhood.

  5. Jo you are dead right, I have no problem with spiders. God how traumatic is right! that infestation, honest I would have ran screaming from the house and never returned. (since you mentioned you are an English teacher I have been very careful with my punctuation)

  6. don't like barking dogs, or being on the outside.

    PIP - do you remember this:

  7. Like Jo, I am scared of mince ;) Seriously though I don't think I have irrational fears of anything. Lots of rational one alright, but none I can't explain.

  8. In Harry Potter 3, Lupin tells Harry that he's very clever to be afraid of fear - after his reactions to the Dementors. As you know I'm a very big JK Rowling fan but this episode is the voice of ignorance. Fear of fear is as torturous as fear itself.

  9. Scared of mince! Freudian slip - as a vegetarian, I am pretty sqeamish about raw meat...

    Also, there is no need to worry about punctuation around my screaming typos.

    Though, yes, I will notice and be upset by misuse of the apostrophe - MW take heed!

  10. I think what people forget is that fears were there to make sure our species fears of snakes, spiders, heights all make sense, as they can easily kill us. Rodents too (cause of disease).

    Irrational fears? I don't think there are any, cause they're a fear :-). I do have in irrational dislike of beans (cause I'll still eat ''s like I'm biased against them). Spiders are the one thing I'm paralyzed terrified of. Snakes to a point (not my mother's point, where she just can't know a thing about them). I used to be scared of heights, but majoring in theatre in college, I had to hang and focus stage lights, and I did diving as well. That ended that.

  11. Flying scares the living shit out of me. I just keep thinking of that Alanis Morrisette song; and if I ever do die in a plane crash I don't want that witches lyrics to be my last ever thoughts...

  12. Sorry Jo, I'm crap at spelling too, but the spellchecker sorts that out. As a result of my lack of ability I didn't write anything for years, so I'm afraid you'll just have to put up with my errors! Oh and I think my english teacher was an idiot in secondary school as she just made fun of my writing!
    I've overcome my fear of flying GB, to and from Boston was a big leap for me, I think the snake thing is another case of me facing my fears!