Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blog party

So there was me hoping that first thing this morning I'd be the first to post about last night. Third? WTF is that about? Polka was posting before people had left here! You people are seriously strange as if I doubted it after Polka turned up in a polka-dot dress with a dish that contained, nay was entirely, flowers from her garden (and tasty they were too!) and Atreus in a toga with name badges (no, I wasn't joking).

Everyone had a different experience, I suppose. Ash knew no-one (she said her kids were to never know about the circumstances of first meeting us all "Yeah, just heading off to someones house I've never been to before to see some people I met on the Internet"), Polka, Atreus and GB knew MW and I but knew no-one else, Shan and the lovely Mrs Shan (Jesus, what did she make of us all?) only knew me really, weird then that after a really short period of time it was like being in a room of old friends (which, I suppose we all are).

Regrets too from Idiot and his hammered PC, and Tib who wanted updates by text from his weekend away in Sligo. I did my best.

The food was as varied as it was tasty. Flowers (no, seriously I wasn't joking), apple crumble, quiche, lamb koftas, peanuts (mmmmmmm, peanuts).

Why did we all turn up last night? I don't know about the rest of you but for me it was a similar reason as to why I got involved in all this in the first place; to make new friends. It's never the easiest thing to do at my age but I'm damned if I'm finished yet. I've always liked being part of communities, groups, whatever, but the older you get and the more you settle down into parenthood the more fragmented your life becomes and, usually, the further you drift from other people.

Maybe this is a last effort at resistance.

Then there was the ring on the doorbell at quarter past midnight. Shit, I thought, the neighbours have finally lost their patience with all the animated conversation. Nope. Just like any good gathering there was a surprise to be had and JTM made her appearance after her original engagement.

I bailed relatively early (I was fairly plastered and I did have a little one to be up with this morning) but not before we even took a group photo for posterity

Talk of the staff Christmas party already ;)


  1. Well I have to say my head feels surprisingly OK this morning, although the shower I think may have helped that.

    I have to say the group photo turned out much better then we all thought it would I think it captures the night very well.

  2. BTW Mrs Shan had a great night also and was not spooked out at all.#

    In fact I am on a mission to get her blogging now, but she is wondering where she would find the time for it.

  3. Thanks to our hosts for a great to-do! And awards to the hostess for my mystical Never Empty margarita glass and Ash for an apple crumble that was to die for.

  4. My only regret isa being unable to partake of the margharitas! To think Mrs Wrangler asumed I don't drink! Mwa ha ha! One day we'll be out when I'm neither driving, pregnant not breastfeeding, and after that she won't want to be friends with me any more!!

  5. All you need to do is forward me Mrs Shan's e-mail and I'll extend the electronic invite! She'll have no excuse then.

    I had one of thos never ending glasses Atreus, cept mine was full of vodka and apple juice. Strange given that I had intended drinking whiskey and only noticed half way through the night. Glases like that are just brilliant.

  6. I think the group picture got my good side...

  7. Youz all look great in the picture. I got myself a new mint green and hazy pink number for the next party.

    SL - I'm with you on the friends, always room for more and new.

    Glad ye all had a great time. Sorry I couldn't make it. My wedding went well. Lovely weather surprisingly.