Sunday, September 30, 2007

Everyone has left!

MW is still up drinking possibly, but the rest of us have all left, Personally I just want to say you are all really fucking weird and I am seriously reconsidering posting here again!

No in all honesty what a fantastic night our hosts were amazing and it was great to meet so many people whose posts have entertained me over the past few months.

The selection of food was just as varied as what we write about here, for gods sake I even ate a damn tasty flower!

If I offended anyone in any way I apologise but I did say a long time back that I get drunk really easily and with that comes random blurting from my mouth.

So from myself and P thank you all so much for a great Saturday night.

PS : The snake was cool just as I had hoped.


  1. You offend me every time you open your mouth! :) Your wife, however, is lovely and a very good cook.

  2. Jsut bigging up the comments so as not to offend ;)