Friday, September 21, 2007

duvet days

It's many, many posts since I've posted, but what should I feel more guilty about, not cleaning the house or not posting? I started this earlier, but then I felt that Vulva had to have pride of place and this post would be too domestic to follow it.

My little girl's Montessori school ran through the summer, which I felt was great a the baby was due in July. But she's been getting less and less enamoured with it - went off it after Christmas and while she's better than she was then, she wakes up most mornings saying 'I hate school' and not wanting to go. She had her first tantrum there, freaked them all out, and has been quite sad.

It occurred to me suddenly that she'd been there every day since Christmas - no holidays at all. No wonder she's feeling burn out. I was expecting to have a holiday a couple weeks ago and so didn't think about it and then that didn't come about. Poor kid!

So after a week of asking every day and evening, I gave her a day off today. Not hugely successful in terms of cheerfulness (fussy about food? Try screaming tantrum because there were weetabix flakes in her bowl of milk for dipping the weetabix into!), but oh well.

The thing is, I remember hating school so much and really really needing days off. She's only in playschool and it makes me sad that she already needs days off - how will she get through primary?

I don't know, but I do believe deeply in the importance of duvet days - I don't do it myself in work because as teacher I feel guilty about the students and other teachers who have to take my classes - though I did bunk off one Friday of my last job to go to Prague for the weekend - was so scared I'd somehow meet my headmistress in the airport for some coincidental reason! But usually I'm pretty good. School was another matter.

I'm so looking forward to a day when my kids are older and I get to not get out of bed for a day - sit drinking vodka smoothies and reading a trashy novel. Bliss!


  1. I don't know what it is in my genetic makeup but I've nver taken one as far as I can remember. Even when I'm sick I feel the need to turn up. That's just wrong.

  2. Yes it is! Try it sometime. You'll have to override the guilt to make it worth it though.

  3. Sometimes I take the kids out of school and montessori (generally a half day, so not to mess up oldest sons attendance) we head off and do something fun! I thing about once of month an "unexpected doctors appointment" comes up, it really works, keeps everyone motivated, and means my day is less stressy!

  4. Don't think I've done it myself. I'm not inclined towards being sick and this includes the pretending to be version.