Friday, September 21, 2007


I'm trying to de-clutter. I'm trying really, really hard. I've walked in and out of the wardrobe many times, charity bag in hand, and come out with nothing. Why can't I bring myself to throw things out? It's driving me mad now.
I never used to be like this. I was great at throwing stuff out, did it regularly and was ruthless at it. But a couple of years ago we built a walk-in wardrobe in our bedroom. I felt like Mariah Carey in Cribs; 15 shelves for shoes and 3 seperate hanging areas for clothes (only one area for my husband). I even treated myself to a special luxury; all timber hangers. Chuffed I was.
But now I can't get rid of anything. I keep saying "I might wear that again" even though I haven't in years. But the space if full to bursting and I need to throw stuff out. But I can't. I've tried reading the Organising Junkie but nothing changes.
I need help.


  1. Really not the easiest thing to do Ash, well not for me. You have to set yourself a line in the sand like "Have I worn this in the last year" and if you haven't then out it goes! You'd be surprised how it works if you stick to it.

  2. I'm horrible at doing it myself, but great at doing it for others. Actually, they say if you have a friend helping you who is ruthless, you get tons more done. Want me to come over :-)?

  3. Yeah SL I need to be ruthless and I keep saying I will draw that line in the sand but I'm hopeless! Must try harder!

    Polka that's a great idea, I thought of asking my best friend to help but we have such differing tastes in clothes now I'm afraid she'll tell me to throw out all the good stuff! But really I might just get her to do it with me. Thanks for your offer too......!!!

  4. I recommend Polka to help de clutter! SL cannot preach about clutter....he is so bad, "that bit of 19 year old paper with something written on it is very important"