Thursday, September 06, 2007

Eddie Hobbs stings us all

I like Eddie Hobbs. I like Gift Grub's Eddie Hobbs too. He's a terribly easy target for satire but I like his humour, and concern and self confidence, and his expertise. I should probably get him to come sort out my finances and debase myself on national tv (god, which I nearly did - nearly featured on a birth diary for TV3. Thank Christ I cancelled that one!!).
So I was delighted at the news that Eddie Hobbs is inviting the nation to participate in his venture capital, em, venture? He's promising to quadruple our money.
I've been sitting on some inheritance money for 5 years, it's being whittled away in a savings account - car, deck, visa bills - and this is perfect for it. Hopefully I'll come out with more than I originally inherited -
Unless! Having lulled us into a fond sense of security with his funny voice, his 'innocence' of his company's financial misadventures, his stand up finance humour, this is the final part of the master plan and Eddie Hobbs is actually planning to rip off the entire country on a grand scale - little old ladies, lotto winners, newlyweds, single mothers, the lot!
Wouldn't that just be a fabulous plan? More power to him - Eddie Hobbs ate my hamster...


  1. Well think about it JTM. If there's a country of broke people then there are more tv shows for him to star in, right? Just a thought.

  2. Yeah, but he'd have to make it from the Bahamas... and would he really feel the need?