Thursday, September 06, 2007

Well, that's embarrassing.

I've only just realized, being home for an hour, that I went out with a washcloth tucked into my bra.

I normally go to This Is Knit on a Thursday night for Knit Night, which is a bunch of knitters sitting around, chatting and helping each other out with our knitting if we need help, and knitting the night away. Before popping out, I fed the baby, and laid him down for the night. Apparently I forgot to take the cloth out of my bra (see, I'm still nursing him, and I tuck it in there in case the other side leaks when I'm feeding him on one side..cause that happens) and happily went off to knitting.

I think the ladies were too polite to say anything to me about it. Looking at my chest, it's quite obvious to me. But, of course, why would they be looking at my chest?

Anyway. Yes, it's so embarrassing that I'm blogging it. /headdesk

And really, what image could have gone with this post? I thought best to leave alone....


  1. No worries, PolkaDot, your words have created all the image we need.


  2. I should have gone tonight....I would have told you your boobs were wonky!

  3. I walked up the hospital corridor with one side of my top pulled down and my big white bra showing... and the nice nurse walked past and said nowt! I read a post on rollercoaster about woman with newborn who was trying to air her nipples, forgot and opened the door to the postman with her boobs hanging out - it could all be worse. Did you not google image 'washlcloth in bra'?